Why? I asked the Universe.

Manifesting Mystery Revealed
Affirmations & Visualizations not working for you?

Why are affirmations & visualizations not working?

​Why am I doing lots and lots of personal development and positive thinking but nothing is changing?

Why am I so frustrated?

​This was me for a long time; reading books, taking courses, meditating and doing anything & everything to try and make sense out of my world. I knew there was more to life than the mundane old program, I knew there was something to all this energy talk and evolution of mankind but no matter how much time I spent meditating, repeating affirmations, visualizing and positive living my life did not get better, as a matter of fact, in a lot of ways, it was getting worse!

WHY? WHY? WHY? I asked the universe over and over! I am an intelligent person, I understand the material, I get the idea and I am doing all the right things!

Then one day I got it! I figured out the missing piece! It suddenly all made sense – I wasn’t showing up! That’s it, simple. I had stopped showing up in my life. What does that mean? It means we live in a physical world and the only thing that will change the physical world is physical action! I was working really hard on the mental/emotional/spiritual aspects of myself but I wasn’t taking ACTION. I was waiting for the world around me to catch up to my vibes and transform, but that is not how it works!

Now I wasn’t sitting in the corner of a dark room alone literally doing nothing. I was raising my kids and having a life, it was a good life but it wasn’t making me happy. I wanted more, or different, or something. My kids are great, I love my husband, I have a wonderful family, a nice house and am a pretty well loved lady, so what was so wrong? I was wrong! I wasn’t living as me, the true me!

I was following the societal program that said what a mother, wife, friend, daughter, and woman is. I had given up my control and responsibility to the program. I had buried the ‘real’ me so far inside that all I could identify was the restlessness that kept demanding to be heard. Once I realized that it was my actions that were creating my life circumstances I felt empowered. No longer did I have to continue the cycle of the same arguments, frustrations and mundane activities!

Once I started choosing new actions I got another surprise I wasn’t expecting. I started bumping into the programs and beliefs inside me that were wrong, the ones that were created to survive the societal program and were keeping the real me suppressed. The ones that said “you can’t do that” “that’s too risky” “people will laugh at you” “you are crazy” and “people will be offended”. I had to heal those programs and change those beliefs. Every time I did my life got better.

Once I started ‘Showing Up’ in my life and the true me, the real me, started to emerge I realized that there was still a lot more mystery to truly being in charge of creating my life my way. I started studying the Universal laws of gestation, karma, attraction, relativity and manifestation. I embraced my work with Reiki and the Akashic Records and learned as much as I could, applying what I learned as I went. Finally it all started to make sense, it all came together and I understood how to create the life I want. Do you want to know the secret? The missing piece? Here it is. The key to it all. Show up today as the person who is living your dream life. In other words, take action today as if you are already living the dream.

Simple right? It is. If this makes sense to you, great, apply and let the universe deliver! If you are like me and this sends your mind into a tizzy of whaaatttttt?????  Then I extend my hand & heart to you, one soul to another, come work with me. Book a healing session, join me for a Reiki Share or attend my workshop Chaos to Calm, these are great places to start.

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Bless you on your journey, May Love & Light guide your path.

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