Action Choice – It’s all about You!

A word on Free Will. Free Will is our ability to choose our actions and our actions are what shape the elements of our life. Action is choice. We make choices everyday as to our attitude, what we will do, what we say, what we think, and what we feel. We must take responsibility for our action and put conscious choice into our lives for we are always shaping and creating what we are living. Sometimes that is a tough concept to swallow because we can’t believe we chose to live these current events, but reality is you did and you continue to do so. Most of us create subconsciously, without intention but rather through reaction but once we take the responsibility for ourselves and make conscious choices we start to create with intention what we want. This is when life gets exciting!
Take a self-discovery tour of yourself, really see who you are and what actions/choices you have been making that are shaping your life. Decide who you really want to be and start making choices of actions that align with that person. As you align your actions (ie: your thoughts, words, emotions, expression and actual doing) your life will begin to take a new shape. It is about taking responsibility for yourself. You have complete Free Will, no one is controlling you and no one is making decisions for you. If you want something different then what you have then you must make different choices.

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