A Reiki Life

Jennifer Quick

Are you intuitive? Sensitive? Highly Emotional?

Being sensitive to the energies, emotions and thoughts of the people and environment you are in can leave you feeling drained, exhausted and overwhelmed.  These traits often feel more like a burden than a gift.

Many years ago I felt very overwhelmed by my life, felt out of control and burdened by what should have made me joyful.

Reiki helped me. To be honest the reason I took my first Reiki course was simply to get out of my house. It represented 8 hours of no pressure, burdens or responsibilities and that is what I needed so badly.  

Once I started working with the Reiki energy I knew I was on to something. I started to feel calmer inside, felt stronger and more in control. I had a tool that seemed to be doing something positive, although I didn’t really understand what it was doing.

So I took level 2. Again, with honesty I will say the idea of another 8 hours of no pressure, burdens or responsibilities was highly enticing, but this time my curiosity was hooked. I knew there was more to this, I knew I had something important at my fingertips and I knew it was tangible.

After Level 2 I really noticed the shift in who I was and in my environment. I had always been sensitive, intuitive and energetically aware, but in all the courses I had ever taken on spirituality and personal development (and there were  alot!) none had felt so life changing, so empowering and so real.

Eventually my walk with Reiki developed from a tool I used to being a way of life. I went on to take my Master/Teacher and then my Karuna Master/Teachers. I embraced the Holy Fire energies when they were added. I welcomed students along the way, slowly my Reiki tool turned into a Reiki life.

Eventually I was invited to join the Oasis Rejuvenation Spa & Retreat Team where I participated in wellness programs with a variety of practitioners from different modalities and with a variety of clients from moderate to very serious health issues both physically and mentally.  I also continued to teach and started a monthly Reiki Share group that has been a stable resource to my students & the public for five years.

This is a life I have been so blessed to live! Thank you for reading my story and I encourage you to embrace Reiki in your life too.

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